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Fat-Shamed by a Producer She Lost Five Stone for a Video

As evidenced by 22-year-old Poppy Hughes, sometimes motivation is all you need to lose weight successfully. A music producer once told Poppy, a professional singer from Liverpool, that she was way too fat for a music video. Instead of lowering her self-esteem, the ordeal provided her with enough motivation to lose about five stone. At her heaviest, Poppy tipped the scales at 14 stone 8 lbs. She …

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Flat Stomach Instead Of Ugly Fat! Do You Want? It’s So Easy – Just Mix Up, I Drink It Already Three Days And Voila!

This homemade drink for losing weight, will not only help you to cope with being overweight. You will also strengthen your health! The two active ingredients – lemon and soda, will improve digestion, cleanse the body of toxins and strengthen alkaline environment in the body. As a result of poor diet many people have a acidosis – a pathological condition in which the kidneys can not throw …

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Make a metabolism as a 15 year old teen with apple and cinnamon. Homemade recipe for optimal shape

We introduce homemade recipe for a potion that accelerates metabolism and normalizes blood. Here’s the easy recipe for homemade potion for faster metabolism with apples and cinnamon. This useful mixture is extremely rich in vitamins and antioxidants and helps to accelerate the metabolism in the body. Pectin, contained in apple and essential oils in a cinnamon stimulate digestion, helping to purify the gastrointestinal tract. Cinnamon strengthens immunity …

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She Weakened By 22 Kg, Thanks To This Delicious Drink – Speed Up Metabolism And Do Wonders For Your Body

Katie Mae is mother of two children and a former owner of 22 extra kilos. She tried various ways to get rid of the accumulated fat after the second pregnancy, but everything was in vain. After a while, she decided only to attend yoga classes, just to relax and if she succeed and to becomes weak, it will be a bonus in her efforts. Namely,during the courses …

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These Two Things Will Melt Fats In Just Two Weeks!

Junk food, is the wrong mode, lack of physical activity will inevitably lead to increased subcutaneous fat. This fills us not only with complexes in terms of appearance, but also causes considerable damage to health. Undoubtedly, healthy weight loss – it is a long process that requires proper balanced diet and regular exercise … But we will help you with a little trick – a home remedy …

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