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USDA Says: Okay to Ship U.S. Chickens to China for Cheap Processing Then Back Home For You to Eat

Chicken shipped to the US from China which is untested by the USDA is on the rise. The USDA has ended a ban on processed chicken being imported from China, and these products can now be sold in the U.S., without stating which country it originated in. China has been at the centre of several food scandals this year, with thousands of dead pigs being found in the …

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Vapen Clear: Meet The World’s First Cannabis Inhaler

We are in the generation of social and medical cannabis evolution. Not only are the numbers of cannabis advocates increasing, but creative innovators around the globe are developing new ideas left and right. There are now more ways than ever to get your medicinal or social intake of marijuana. If you thought you’ve seen it all, though, think again. The world’s first-ever cannabis inhaler is starting to …

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A Dirty Little Secret: Your “Organic” Strawberries Aren’t Really Organic

Shock! Certified organic strawberries aren’t so organic after all. Although organic strawberries sell for 50% to 100% more than conventional berries, organic strawberries are fumigated with toxic chemicals, including methyl bromide, at the beginning stages of their life-cycle. Methyl bromide, is used to sterilize the soil before strawberries are planted. It’s not sprayed on the fruit. It’s a soil fumigant that kills just about everything it touches. …

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Why You Should NEVER Buy Or Drink This Type of Milk Ever Again

Did you know that up until recently, the soybean was not even considered fit to eat? Although it has been around for centuries—since the Chou Dynasty (1134-246 BC)—all indications show the plant was not originally eaten, but used in crop rotation for regulating nitrogen levels in the soil. It wasn’t until later in the dynasty when fermentation techniques were discovered that soy was used as a food …

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5 Plants For Your Bedroom That May Cure Insomnia

We could all use a little more sleep during the week. In fact, over 40 million Americans admit to having a sleeping problem such as insomnia, sleep apnea and night terrors. But now there’s a simple step you can take to help your body get the best rest possible! All you need to do to help you mind rest at ease and your body relax completely is to …

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