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12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits That You Should ALWAYS Avoid!

Do you know the importance of sleep? Sleep is a natural defense mechanism to restore energy, replenish your cells, aids in hormonal functions, and many more. Inadequate sleep is a self invitation to many diseases and lifestyle disorders. Many habits affect our sleep. Unfortunately, there are some common bedtime habits that affect the sleep badly. Knowingly or unknowingly we fall prey to the dangerous bedtime habits. Here …

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Chiropractor Urges Everyone ‘Never Sleep on Your Right Side

Almost 40 percents of the Americans sleep little and they risk getting sick, depressed, and obese or have a high blood pressure or some chronic conditions. However, even if you sleep the recommended seven to eight hours per night, you may also feel tired. Some sleep experts claim that some sleeping positions can cause pain in the neck, problems with the stomach and wrinkles. Actually, there is …

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A Lemon In Your Bedroom For Several Days Will Save Your Life And Maybe Your Did Not Know It! We’ll Tell You Why!

There is a phrase that says “Seeing is believing”. Many people rule their lives for her and do not believe in or cannot see or touch. However, like it or not, the spiritual world exists and can influence all of us. In this case, we will not be talking about any paranormal encounter or anything like that. Rather, we want to talk to you about how energy …

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The Older You Get, the More You Hate People (Here Is Why It Is OK)!

“Hate” may be a strong word. However, in case you have realized that as you get older, you are less likely to please others or waste your time on hanging out with negative people and you cannot stand small talk, you aren’t alone. It is common for somebody to go from having ten “close” friends to only one or two within a short period of time, and …

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Microwaves Have Been Banned In Russia Since 1976. This Is What They Don’t Tell You!

When it comes to microwaves there are two sides to the story. On one side there are the people who just can’t live without them, and on the other side we have the people who’d never use them thinking they’re unsafe and can cause health problems. Unfortunately, the majority of people belongs to the first group, choosing the microwave to speed up dinner time and are unaware …

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