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The Most Powerful Food In The World: It Treats More Than 80 Serious Diseases

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that’s found in pristine freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. It is  recognized as one of the world’s most nutritionally complete superfoods. Multiple studies have established spirulina’s powerhouse status. It has 60-70% complete protein, meaning it has all 8 essential amino acids and 10 non-essential ones that promote optimal health. Spirulina is loaded with  nutrients “unlike any other single grain, herb, or plant.” Spirulina contains …

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6 Reasons You Should Start Sleeping Naked

Research claims sleeping naked can have some amazing effects on your health. Despite the provocative aspect of it, sleeping naked is not about improving your love life, but it can help. It is actually a great way to improve your overall health, body, and mind. Whether you prefer to sleep in your undies or in your cozy pajamas, you are about to find out why you should …

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10 Early Symptoms Of Kidney Disease And Tips To Prevent It

10 Sure-fire Signs That Your Kidneys Are In Trouble The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that are important for the elimination of wastes and in aiding other important functions of the body. Kidney disease is a serious medical issue. Research has shown that over 20 million individuals in the United States exhibit some level of dysfunction with their kidneys.  The key to avoiding severe kidney troubles is …

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109-Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To A Long Life

Trust someone who knows the good life! If you were ever wondering about what longevity is due to, then we have quite the story for you! Many people like to discuss different secrets for a long life, but there is one reason you might have never thought about. It all started in 2015, when Holiday Retirement conducted a massive across-America survey, inspecting seniors over 100 what the …

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The Most Incredible Food For Women: It Regulates Hormones, Heals Thyroid, Eases Menstrual Cramps, Improves Sexual Health

Spend any time learning about how to get healthy, increase your stamina, boost your energy or strengthen your immune system, and you’re bound to come across thousands of rave reviews about “Maca”. Maca has been highly regarded for centuries as a miracle food so it’s no surprise it has become a recent addition to the “must have” nutrient list for smoothies. Native to the Andes Mountains, maca …

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