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Massive Food Recall Hits Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Kroger, and More

We’re not exactly sure why, but there have been an alarming number of dangerous food outbreaks over the last year or so. Cases of food contamination are becoming more commonplace and stealing headlines, which is why everyone needs to know how to keep themselves and their families safe. Remember the nationwide listeria outbrea in October 2017 that hit big-name retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Target, Sprouts Farmers Market, and …

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This Is Why You Should NEVER Eat Tilapia!

Seafood can be a great source of protein and vitamins. But there’s one fish health experts are warning consumers to stay far away from – tilapia. It’s the most popular farmed fish across the United States, thanks in large part to its affordability. But not only is it just about void of all nutrients you’d expect from seafood – it’s also really bad for you. How bad? …

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THIS Is What Your Hand Size Says About Your Personality!

The size of your hand can say more than you ever thought about your personality. Your hands are amazingly useful, let’s explore them. The practice of Chirognomy is the ability to predict a person’s character, traits and future through the study of their hand. Derived from the Greek words, ‘chiro’ meaning hand and ‘gnomonia’ meaning judging. Together this means the art of judging character from the shape …

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This Woman Sprays Alcohol On Her Bed. She Can’t Believe What She Finds That Night!!!

There are many uses of rubbing alcohol, but the most common one is definitely for disinfection. People also use it for adhesive removal. However, the uses of this versatile over-the-counter product go far beyond this. Read on and find out how you can make the most of this item. 1# Kill lice Rubbing alcohol works wonders for removing lice. What you do is fill a spray bottle …

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7 Simple Remedies That Make Your Home Bug­Free Without Chemicals

People are very irritated by the tiny bugs that are attacking homes, gardens or week houses. It can be quite difficult to eliminate them with all the commercialized chemicals and products in every market. You should consider using some natural techniques to clean your house from the boring pests and make it safe for children. Seven ways you can get rid with insects immediately and effectively 1.Peppermint …

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