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8 Toxic Food Additives Allowed in The U.S. But BANNED in Other Countries

These harmful additives can be found in many products in most supermarket aisles across U.S. See which are these additives and where are they found so you can avoid buying and consuming them. 1. Artificial Food Dye It improves the appearance of food, but inhibits the development of nerve cells. Found in: lots of products like cheese, cake mixes, candy, sports drinks, and macaroni & cheese. Why are …

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Fake Olive Oil Companies Revealed – Stop Buying These Brands Now!

This is disturbing! 70% of Olive oil available in stores in the US has actually been cut with cheaper, nastier oils – meaning its fake! There’s an enemy at the gates, it has been slowly infiltrating our olive oil market and corrupting one of the products that we all know is a healthy, sustainable option and one of Europe’s secrets to longevity. That’s right, 7 of the …

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Use This Simple Trick to Clean Your Bathroom! It’s 10 Times More Powerful And More Effective Than Chlorine!

The cleaning of the bathroom is often an unpleasant and difficult task so we would all rather avoid it, or postpone it, at least, if possible. Namely, the cleaning of the grout and tiles from mildew and dirt is often too challenging, but commercial cleaning products are loaded with harmful chemicals which endanger our health. Yet, we will reveal the recipe of a natural effective cleaning agent …

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