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Breaking: Australia Has Just Legalized Medical Marijuana Across the Entire Continent

After the voting on Wednesday, Australia became the first continent to legalize the use of marijuana. Some states in the US did the same, and marijuana can now be used without the legal threat. The amendments were part of the Narcotic Drugs Act, and legal cannabis farms and marijuana products gained government’s green light. Sussan Ley, the Minister of Health, stated “This is a historic day for …

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The Spin on Aspartame: The Truth We’re Not Being Told

Do a quick google search for “aspartame,” and we can guarantee that the results will take you literally days to wade through. There’s more than enough information, research, and speculation out there on the subject to fill encyclopedias, and this article only briefly outlines the subject. We wanted to focus on a small part of the debate: We wanted to look at the folks who keep telling us …

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Most People Don’t Clean Their Cast Irons The Right Way, I Had No Idea I Was Doing It Wrong

A perfectly seared pork chop, cornbread with a golden brown crust, vegetables roasted to excellence, all made possible with one indispensable, low tech, kitchen appliance: a cast iron pan. Poor maintenance of this old time kitchen mainstay can lead to frustrating, or even disastrous, cooking experiences. Conversely, a well-seasoned and well cared for cast iron pan can be a chef’s best tool. The key is to properly …

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After All Controversy Over Starbucks Holiday Cup Last Year, They Finally Released Their 2016 Holiday Red Cup

Good news for coffee lovers headed to Starbucks for the 2016 holiday season. The Seattle coffee giant has introduced a set of 13 disposable cups with stylish and festive designs that are bound to cheer up coffee drinkers. The 13 cups are being welcomed not only because they look great and will probably spark a collectible trend but also because they represent a reversal from the previous …

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50 holistic doctors have mysteriously died in the last year, but what’s being done about it?

In case you’re not aware, the confusing conundrum first began when Dr. Bradstreet was found dead exactly one year ago – yes, on Father’s Day – in the U.S. The noted autism doctor, researcher, and parent was found in a river with a gunshot wound to the chest. While authorities at first thought his death was a result of suicide, it has since been confirmed that Dr. …

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