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This Girl Felt Pain In Her Buttocks And Went To The Doctor, When He Poked Hole In Her Body You Won’t Believe What Came Out!!!

The curves of the Kardashians and Serena Williams sparked a wave of ladies who have decided to undergo a plastic surgery with intention to plump up their buttocks and thighs. Nowadays, it is a trend to have a big butt. However, Andressa Urach, a 27- year old Brazilian model, her bum almost had resulted fatally. She was really lucky, but she could die. Since she was a …

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1 Disturbing Reason Why You Should Stop Drinking Starbucks!

I would be willing to bet that no company has as much of an impact on the entire nation’s mood in the morning as Starbucks, and it shows in their revenue—in the second quarter of 2016 alone, the company raked in $5 billion. I’ll admit, I’ve indulged myself a few times and looked past the steep prices. And hey, it’s good coffee. I totally see why people …

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If You See This ‘Weed,’ Don’t Throw It Away. Here’s Why!

Many of you have surely spotted purslane in your garden, but believe it is a common weed. Yet, this plant is actually full of health-boosting properties. This beautiful plant, lat. Portulaca oleracea, has yellow flowers and grows all over the world, but it originates from Persia and India. Purslane is a rich source of fiber, vitamin A, C, B, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, manganese, potassium, iron, magnesium, …

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6 Dangerous Dish Soaps That Are Full Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

Dish soaps are used on a daily basis in numerous households. Yet, many of them are loaded with harmful chemicals which endanger the health and should be avoided in order to prevent certain health issues. Some dish soaps are high in dangerous fragrances, formaldehyde, silicate salts, sulfuric acid, and ammonium sulfate. The following 5 dish soaps should be avoided at any cost: Dawn Cucina Ajax Meyers Legacy …

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HUGE SCANDAL On The Rise: Be Aware People Another Popular Brand Of Water Recalled Because Parasites Have Been Found Inside! SHOCKING!!

You might want to listen up, if you drink Dasani water. A major recall by the Coca-Cola Company has been issued, after it was discovered that several thousand bottles of their drinking water was contaminated with a parasite. Until now several hundred people have been rushed to the hospital with parasitic symptoms such as vomiting, fever, rash and stomach bloating. This comes as an addition to a …

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