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THIS IS NO JOKE! WARNING – Viral ‘MoMo Challenge’ encouraging child suicide terrifies Utah kids

A terrifying video circulating the web is encouraging children to kill themselves. It’s called the ‘MoMo Challenge.’ A creepy, bugged-eyed woman offers children instructions on how to take their own lives. The horrifying video has been infiltrating popular children sites like YouTube Kids. Tooele mom Sara Markham’s son Tanner came across the video and started having nightmares. “My son, when we would put him to bed he would …

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American Hunter Posing With A Dead Rare Black Giraffe She Just Shot

American woman causes outrage by posing next to shot black giraffe. An American woman named Tess Thompson Talley has sparked outrage online after images of her posing next to a slaughtered black giraffe while on a hunting trip to South Africa went viral. Africa Digest posted the image of Thompson Talley on their Twitter feed with the following caption; “White American savage who is partly a neanderthal …

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‘Organic’ Food From China Found To Be Highly Contaminated

Natural sustenance deals have soar into a multi-billion dollar industry lately and where there’s cash to be made, defilement is probably going to pursue. We all presently think about the advantages of eating natural versus the dangers of eating manufacturing plant cultivated creatures and non-natural deliver, however do we truly know whether we are purchasing natural items or phony natural foods that sneak their way into our …

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Drinking Alcohol Helps You Speak Foreign Languages Better, According to Study

An investigation demonstrates that little portions of liquor can enhance bilingual speakers’ capacity to talk in a non-local dialect. In any case, the group calls attention to that bigger portions could really hinder this capacity. Any individual who’s at any point turned out to be intoxicated can bear witness to that liquor messes up your minds’ endeavors to think and keep authority over your body’s developments. Especially …

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Mom Gets New Tongue Made From Arm After Cancer Diagnosis

A 58-year-old woman who was reportedly faced with either surgically removing part of her tongue or succumbing to cancer within months has had a new one fashioned out of a vein and pieces of her arm. Joanna Smith said her trouble started in October when she noticed an ulcer in her mouth, which doctors determined to be cancerous, SWNS reported. “He said if if I didn’t have the operation I wouldn’t …

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