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Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disease On The Rise: Experts Beg Parents To Know The Signs

Parents are usually worried about their children when they start going to school, to kindergarten, or when they visit some after-school program, especially at this time of the year, as various infectious childhood illness sweeps through the rooms. n most cases, children get their inoculations early on to prevent old-fashioned diseases such as mumps and rubella which led to huge swathes of children every year. Nowadays, there …

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Parents Should NOT Give Their Children Mobile Phones Before Secondary School, Top Psychiatrist Warns

Dr Jon Goldin, the vice chairman of the Royal College of Psychologists has issued a warning to all parents saying they should be given advise not to give their kids mobile phones before they get into secondary school.  He said parents are being coerced  into buying the devices for their young children do not get left out at school. Dr. Goldin further added that government guidance would …

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Mother Hears Nurses Screaming During C-Section For This One Reason

Chrissy and Larry Corbit were so excited after finding out that they were expecting a baby. But, as time passed by, Chrissy’s stomach grew bigger than any other pregnancy. The thought of having twins crossed their minds or maybe something was seriously wrong with the pregnancy. Despite their concerns, ultrasound pictures confirmed only one baby was present and all signs indicated a healthy pregnancy. Doctors concluded that …

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5 Ways to Sculpt Lean Thighs From the Floor

Most of our activities during the day require highly strong leg muscles and hip mobility, as the muscles in these areas support the body while walking, jumping, or running. Lower body strength is crucial for our overall physical fitness and health, and it can rev up metabolism. Our lower body consists of the hips, legs, and butt, which contain some of the largest and strongest muscles of the …

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Foot Reflexology To Calm Down Fussy Baby

The ancient art which practices stimulation of the pressure point through your whole body to alleviate pain is called reflexology. This is a natural and alternative way that can help you relieve pain. People with little babies can help them alleviate any of their pain with the help of reflexology. Here are six different types of pain and ways to help your babies. Before you start with …

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