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My friend showed it to me: Put a sticks of ice cream in boiling water, then …I Never believed!

The human imagination knows no limits! When we see something beautiful and original, created with their own hands, everyone experience the admiration Well, today we will give you an idea for which everyone will admire you! Bracelet from the sticks for a ice cream 1. Put the sticks of ice cream in boiling water and simmer for 30 minutes over low heat. Then remove them and leave …

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A boom of terrible disease in the United States! Here are the symptoms and how to protect yourself from Hepatitis A

Almost a double are increasing cases of hepatitis A in the country. In the last year registered a lot of new cases. In 2014, there were about 2,500 acute hepatitis A infection in the US. Viral hepatitis is now a major cause of death and disability worldwide. This disease is ordered and already beginning to outpace frequency and mortality tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS, according to the World …

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THIS IS THE ONLY ADVICE THAT YOU NEED FOR THIS SUMMER: The natural way to get rid of mosquitoes!

We bring you a recipe for a completely harmless and natural recipe which will successfully repel mosquitoes without any health hazards. With the arrival of summer come many beautiful things, but also those less beautiful. Definitely one of the summer plagues are – mosquitoes. However, as long as the mosquitoes bothered, do not resort to toxic repellent because you can cause more damage than themselves mosquitoes. Therefore, …

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Confession of a gynecologist: Everything I expected, but not this, after I understood the problem of this patient!

One morning a pleasant female voice sought the doctor by phone and asked him if he could help, to remove the foreign body. – Depends what it is about. There are methods and techniques. Come to the review tomorrow, said gynecologist. The next morning, the first patient is a woman. She came in the company of friends. She immediately said, that in the vagina has an average …

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Do you have a crescent moon on your nails? You will understand something very important for your body

This small part of our nails is a delicate and important part of the structure of the nail, which must not be damaged. The white crescent at the base of the nail is called “lunula” ( “little moon” translated from Latin). Indeed, it is a visible part of the root of the nail, which is quite important for its health. Should not be damaged,since this entire nail …

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