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Symptoms of fibromyalgia that you may not be aware of and how to control them

Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal disorder that causes fatigue, widespread muscle and joint pain and memory and mood issues, according to WebMD. And while fibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal condition after osteoarthritis, it’s still not well understood by the medical world. Women are actually much more likely to suffer from fibromyalgia than men, and at this time there is no cure for the disorder. Since fibromyalgia can cause symptoms that …

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Black Garlic is Toxic to 14 Types of Cancers

Developed in Korea, black garlic has been gaining popularity among Western foodies for several years now, but it has recently caught the eye of the health-minded due to studies revealing its impressive nutritional properties. Black garlic is produced by “fermenting” whole bulbs of fresh garlic in a humidity-controlled environment in temperatures of about 140 to 170 degrees F for 30 days. No additives, no preservatives… just pure …

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Here Is How To Remove Phlegm and Mucus From Your Chest and Throat Instantly

Breathing difficulties and coughing are often caused by throat or nasal obstructions. The quality of an  individual’s life is significantly affected by these issues. It can lead to more complicated and severe health problems if left untreated for a longer time. That’s why you should get a treatment instantly and prevent yourself from having prolonged coughs. Phlegm represents sticky substance which protects the respiratory system. This substance …

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15 Alkaline Foods That Prevent Obesity, Cancer, And Heart Disease

15 Alkaline Foods You Should Eat To Prevent Obesity, Heart Disease, And Cancer People who are trying to get a healthier body weight are wondering which foods contain more calories than others do. But, there are foods that you can eat as much as you want without gaining extra pounds. The foods contain a lot of nutrients and fiber and they will make you full without making you gain …

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1 Tablespoon Deactivates Sciatic Nerve Pain In Record Time, If You Do Not Give You More

The human body has literally millions of nerves, and the longest among them is called the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from the lower back down to the feet, and is responsible for numerous minor and major movements. Thanks to its function, the sciatic nerve is highly important for our movement, so it’s vital to keep it healthy and flexible at all times. However, due to a …

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