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Stop Using These 20 Medications Because They Cause Memory Loss

Unfortunately, the main reasons of death in the United States are adverse drug reactions. Prescription drugs lead to over 100,000 deaths annually, and more than 1.5 million cases of hospitalized people with severe side-effects. The following three categories of prescription drugs lead to numerous cognitive issues, including memory loss: Sleeping Pills Sleeping pills often lead to memory loss and cause a state similar to being in a …

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Prepare Ginger in This Ancient Way – It Can Help Prevent Cancer, Treat Arthritis And Lower Cholesterol

Fermented foods are popular all around the world, and people enjoy all kinds of these beneficial foods, from sauerkraut and kimchi to kombucha. Fermented foods have in fact been through a process of lacto fermentation in which natural bacteria feed on sugar and starch in the food and produces lactic acid. This process preserves the foods and leads to the formation of various probiotics, beneficial enzymes, and …

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8 Signs You May Have A Blood Clot!

Blood clot. Those two words can be terribly frightening. According to Mayo Clinic, blood is supposed to clot. This is how the body stops bleeding. We’ve all seen a blood clot in the form of a scab and a bruise. But sometimes, blood clots when it’s not supposed to. When this happens, you can suffer a heart attack, stroke, and other serious medical problems. Here’s how you …

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Don’t Overlook These 8 Caution Indications Of Vitamin B12 Shortage

Mineral deficiencies are more typical than vitamin shortages, statistics shows that a person in four grownups handles lack of vitamin B12 In this article we will cover the signs and causes of vitamin B12 shortage, plus you will get a couple of simple pointers on ways to regulate that. Vitamin B12. This vitamin is known as the “energy” vitamin. Something you have to provide you an energy …

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How to Use a ¼ Teaspoon of Nutmeg to Fall Asleep and Relieve Your Insomnia Symptoms Overnight

Insomnia affects about 30% of the American population, and 10% of them claim that it also causes consequences during the daytime. Therefore, one-third of the Americans suffer from a sleep deficiency, which negatively affects health in numerous ways. Most people turn to pharmaceuticals to improve their sleep, but these sleeping pills come with numerous side-effects. Insomnia occurs due to psychological, biological, or social factors, and it is …

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