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How To Stop a Painful Cough in 3 Simple Steps – No Cough Syrup Required!

Any kind of cough can be extremely annoying, whether it`s a persistent or strikes once in a while.  For some people, a consistent cough seems like a part of their life while others are simply luckier and rarely experience it. Most people reach for over-the-counter cough syrups, but most of them are often useless. Buteyko Emergency Procedure is a breathing technique which has helped many asthma sufferers to fall asleep much more easily. A cough is not welcome in any occasion and you must get rid of it before bedtime!

A team of Russian doctors have been using this breathing technique for over four decades and recommending it to patients with bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, emphysema, and other respiratory- related conditions.  It works wonders for a nagging cough, dry cough at night, and even severe coughing.

So What’s The Technique?

Before we go into details, let`s go through coughing first. While coughing, you inhale three to five times more air than you normally do.  This deprives the body of oxygen, reducing oxygen levels in all vital organs, including the brain and the heart. To breathe easier and stop coughing at night, you need to follow three essential steps:

  • Go to sleep when you are really tired
  • Breathe through the nose, before and during sleep
  • Never sleep on the back

Just Relax

  • Relax all your muscles, lying on your stomach or the left side
  • Pinch your nose and hold your breath until it becomes uncomfortable
  • Inhale and cough only through your nose
  • When you can no longer hold your breath, take in a small inhalation through the nose

If you suffer from a persistent cough, limit your inhalations and exhalations.  After inhaling, exhale very slowly in order to relax the body, particularly the upper chest and shoulders.  Exhalation should be natural and unforced.

Control The Cough

Take a smaller inhalation with each repetition in order to create hunger for more air. You will start to feel a light hunger for air, indicated by your nasal passages becoming moist and your arms and feet getting warmer.  Continue with this process until you fall asleep.  Within a few minutes, you will start breathing less and thus cough less.  Simply put, you will fall asleep easily and naturally! By controlling your breathing, you control your cough, too. Therefore, meditation and yoga also work against cough, as long as yoga is not too challenging.

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