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Doctor’s Warning: Never Clean Your Child With Baby Wipes No Matter What

Baby wipes play an important role in babies’ hygienic affairs, and when used correctly, most baby wipes are a hygienic and a safe product.

Because they are not reused and are sold in sealed plastic packages, baby wipes are important in getting rid of harmful bacteria and keeping your bay clean.

However, research has shown that there are some risks associated with baby wipes and related accessories.

Many parents have always assumed that all baby wipes are completely safe, and they have never even taken a moment to think about the ingredients contained in them. Numerous reports and research studies are now coming up indicating that baby wipes are not all that safe and parents should reconsider their options.

According to a study co-authored by Dr. Mary Wu Chang, an associate professor at the University of Connecticut, baby wipes are not safe for use on your baby.

The results of this study revealed that baby wipes make some children develop painful, itchy and scaly red rashes on their skin.

This allergic reaction was attributed to a chemical preservative known as methylisothiazolinone (MI) which is used in the wipes, the researched found.

This chemical has also been blamed for a massive number of allergic reactions caused by a wide range of beauty products.

In the study, six unique reactions caught Dr. Mary’s attention. But there is this one case of an eight-year old girl that really brought out the ugly in baby wipes. Use of baby wipes caused a severe rush on her buttocks and around her mouth.

The findings have now prompted more researchers to pick up the issue and carry out more studies on effects of MI and other wet wipe ingredients. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to keep off or go slow baby wipes for a while

Since the amount of MI in baby wipes has been increased significantly, experts suggest that parents avoid using baby wipes except when they are traveling.

To minimize exposure to these chemicals while at home, researchers are now recommending use of either a gentle cleanser and water or wet paper towels.

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