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All hiding it from us, and that oil destroys up to 93% of the cancer cells only for 48 hours

Lauric acid (coconut oil 50% consists precisely of lauric acid ) destroys 93% of cancer cells in the tumor of the colon only 48 hours after treatment administration, state the results of a new study. It is interesting, that lauric acid acts on cancer cells, creating in them a strong oxidative stress, at the same time greatly reducing the level of glutathione (cancer cells need a glutathione …

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Scientists have proven: Everyone has at home from weapons against cancer

The cheese can be a weapon against the insidious disease cancer. The protein, which is found in it, has the ability to destroy cancer cells. Niacin – is a protein that is released from lactic acid bacteria in ferment milk and maturing process of the cheeses. Scientists from the University of Michigan in Anne Arbor, USA, have found that it has a unique ability to kill cells, …

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Shocking: Lessons for all women, who long ago were not to a gynecologist!

Warning Shocking Images During the lovemaking, she has been subjected to extremely uncomfortable sensation in her lower abdomen . The same feeling, she noticed and later, when she was in the bathroom and after looking up the symptoms online, had led to the conclusion, that it is a ulcers, so she is tried to ignore the feel of discomfort, because she knew that there were problems with …

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Check Between Your Toes,Thus You Will Know, Whether You Are At Risk From Skin Cancer

Melanoma is a cancer of the skin, which may occur when it appears a change in the shape or appearance of a mole or in the occurrence of new ones. Therefore, regular examination of moles is crucial to prevent melanomas. There are specific characteristics of moles that need to be addressed. They warn, if things are not as they should. – Shape – if mole is not …

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