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A seemingly herb works wonders: Hiding years from the face, erases scars, gives eternal beauty!

An immortelle tree, along with basil is one of the favorite medicinal and aromatic plants in the europe, which recently was in the focus of attention for its medicinal properties. The essential oil of this herb is sold at very high prices. Its divine, sweet and very intense aroma from time immemorial has urged people to use it for cosmetic purposes. Known as imortela or “immortal”, this …

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The Secret Of Khanum:Turkish Recipe For Beauty You’ll Be Surprised When You See The Results!

This Turkish recipe for beauty is a hit in Turkey and Asia, as it demonstrated better performance for decades. Year or two ago you were happy with your appearance, but today you are frustrated by the small, telltale wrinkles, that you notice. Do not panic! Today we bring you a wonderful Turkish recipe through which the wrinkles will not only stretched, but also will disappear. All ingredients …

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Remove The Terrible Hair Over The Lips With This Natural Mixture Forever. Just Smear Them And Tell Them “Goodbye”

For centuries, the removal of unwanted hair on the face and in particular the hair above the upper lip is a big concern for women. Pretty women rely on wax to deal with this problem, but there is a natural solution, which in the Middle East for centuries is very popular. The mixture has also other benefits – smoothes and reduces skin irritation, making it shiny and …

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DIY – 2 Ingredients And Remove All Blackheads From Your Face

I’m the kind of person who notice every little thing on my face. Now I can not remove every little thing, which “pops”, but strive my face to be maximally clean! This is precisely why I tried an old recipe from my grandmother. Is acting flawlessly – try it once and you will be convinced. 1. Take the ingredients: milk and gelatin. Since, will be the application …

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