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We were surprised: Only 1 unripe banana per day, makes this for our body!

Resistant starch is degraded differently than usual. In usual cases, is degraded, but with green bananas it is not so. In continuation read many facts that you did not know about bananas, and about which are good for weight loss. There are various health benefits which-resistant starch has to offer. It is excellent for weight loss, which means if you want to lose weight, buy green bananas. …

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Proven! This Miraculous Mixture Treat Infections, Colds, Flu, Cramps, Diabetes and Cancer

We all know about the incredible healing powers that have these ingredients. Their healing properties have been revered for centuries. So today we present to you the great recipe for ginger tea, honey and cinnamon. What are the ingredients of this drink? – Water – A cup and a half of filtered water – Ginger – A small-sized piece – Cinnamon – An stick – Lemon juice …

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