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One banana onto the skin for three days does wonders! More efficient means – you have not seen!

Acne – a common skin disorder with inflammation and pustules that may not be squeezed due to the high likelihood of scarring. Specific agents for treatment of acne are expensive and the effect is sometimes necessary to wait too long. Fortunately there is an alternative – bananas, or rather – their bark! Due to the high content of minerals (zinc, manganese, iron), banana effectively dry irritated skin …

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Skin Reveals Health Problems: 6 Symptoms, Which Should Not Neglect

The skin is the largest organ in the body, while we often are not aware of how it can actually help us in identifying some health problems. Therefore, these signs should not be ignored, and here’s what has to say dermatologist Tanya Corman on this topic. 1. Wrinkles around the eyes Wrinkles around the eyes may indicate vision problems. “If you have dark black under the eyes, …

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The Secret Of Khanum:Turkish Recipe For Beauty You’ll Be Surprised When You See The Results!

This Turkish recipe for beauty is a hit in Turkey and Asia, as it demonstrated better performance for decades. Year or two ago you were happy with your appearance, but today you are frustrated by the small, telltale wrinkles, that you notice. Do not panic! Today we bring you a wonderful Turkish recipe through which the wrinkles will not only stretched, but also will disappear. All ingredients …

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Shiny And A Lush Hair, White Teeth With A Simple Ingredient That All Have At Home!

Salt has many useful properties that can be successfully used not only for cooking but also for cosmetic procedures. Excessive use of salt in the diet is associated with various health problems, so it is advisable to minimize. In this article we will talk about 7 ways to use salt, which will help strengthen hair and nails, will whiten teeth, will fight cellulite and make the skin …

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