12 Brands of Bottled Water That Are Full of Toxic Fluoride!

There are recent speculations which reveal the possible adverse effects of fluoride to health. Fluoride in high levels is detrimental to health, and since it is present in the water we drink, can you imagine its side-effects on our wellbeing? There have been numerous discussions on whether fluoride leads to negative or positive effects, but newest studies have revealed that it is actually detrimental to your health. …

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Boil cinnamon and honey and cure arthritis, cancer, gallbaladder, cholesterol and other 10 diseases. The doctors do not have an explanation!

The combination of HONEY and CINNAMON has been used for centuries in the traditional Chinese medicine. These two ingredients with their unique abilities to cure have a long history as a “home remedy”. The cinnamon is an ancient spice known by everyone and honey also possesses immense popularity that was a part of the history since ancient times. Cinnamon essential oil and the enzyme that produces hydrogen …

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This is What Happens to Your Liver and Your Brain When You Drink Boiled Turmeric Water

You must have heard about the amazing beneficial properties of turmeric. This spice is a staple in the Ayurvedic medicine, and it’s been used in the treatment of various health conditions and diseases. However, did you know that regular consumption of this spice is very beneficial for your brain and liver’s health? Turmeric for Brain Health The beneficial effects of turmeric on the human’s brain were unknown …

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Are You Suffering From Back Or Leg Pain? This Remedy Will Remove The Pain Permanently!

In the time we live in, more and more people are faced with difficulties in performing their everyday duties due to pain in their spine, back or leg. These pains may be caused by different factors like sitting in the office, hard physical activity or any other circumstance, but the outcome is always the same. If you are unable to change the circumstance which cause you pain, …

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11 Benefits Of Lemon Water You Didn’t Know About

Lemon – well known remedy in many health problems, and its fans are testifying exceptional benefits that lemon gives to body. Also has qualities when it comes to preserving health. They can be used for numerous purposes besides being natural cure. We are presenting list of all less known lemon benefits. The true miracle lays in lemon water: Boosts the Digestive System In order to get it …

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Sprouted Grains: How To Make Them And Why They Are Super Healthy For You!

Grains represent the foundation of the food pyramid. They give us complex energy that sustains our body throughout the day. This refers to the whole, unprocessed grains that contain all the vital nutrients, vitamins and proteins. But there is a major problem with widely spread, processed grains that we consume regularly without even thinking about it. For example, we eat refined flour daily –in the forms of …

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