Top 5 Culinary Herbs That You Can Grow Indoors During Winter

If you love spending time outdoors cultivating plants and herbs in your garden, the approaching of winter season may sadden you each year. But the good news is that you can still enjoy a variety of your own home-grown fresh herbs at home. With some effort and good will, you will be able to enrich your meals with a collection of aromatic and health-boosting herbal plants whenever …

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Be Your Own Dentist! Here are Tricks to Remove Tartar Buildup at Home

Can I ask you something – do you know what’s tartar? Tartar, or dental calculus, is a build-up of plaque on the teeth that’s been allowed to harden. And, be careful, because when tartar is mineralized onto your teeth, it is far more difficult to remove than plaque. Tartar can make it harder to brush and floss like you should. This can lead to cavities and tooth decay. According to the dentists, any tartar that forms …

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5 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Make Your Knees Strong

The knees are extremely important for the body, as they support it and enable movements. Yet, when they are injured, they cause difficulties or an inability to walk, move, run, and do other everyday activities. Yet, the following exercises will help you treat the pain in the knee, and what’s more, you do not need any equipment to perform them: Wall slide You should start standing tall, …

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This Turmeric-Lentil Soup Will Protect You From Type 2 Diabetes, Dementia and Cancer

Winter might be your favorite season, as it brings snow, holidays, happiness, joy, hot drinks, delicious winter dishes, and much more. However, it is also the time of a lack of vitamin D, cold temperatures, ice, and comfort foods. However, the following creamy, yellow turmeric-lentil soup will be a real cure during the winter! Its ingredients, turmeric, apples, and lentils, are high in beneficial medicinal properties. Turmeric …

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Jin Shin Jyutsu Finger Method– Rub a Certain Finger For 60 Seconds And See What Will Happen to Your Body

People in the Far East have practiced healing techniques such as acupuncture, reflexology, and massage therapies for centuries, in order to treat pain, trauma, stress, and various illnesses. Yet, they became popular in America and Europe in the last decade. Jin Shin Jyustu is an old oriental system of balancing life energy and bodily functions, and it is believed to treat back and neck pain, PTSD, depression, …

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Doctors Won’t Tell You This – Cheap Way to Get Rid of the Head Lice Almost Instantly!

The first thing that comes to a parent’s mind when his children complain that their scalp is itchy is head lice. This becomes a fear as lice are extremely difficult and annoying to remove. Lice are in fact small insects without wings, that feed on blood and are extremely contagious. Even though adults might also get lice, children most commonly suffer from them, as they get them …

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