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Popular Baby Sleep Positioners Have Caused 12 Newborns To Suffocate To Death, Warns Health Watchdog!

A health watchdog has warned parents that baby sleep positioners can cause their newborns to suffocate following reports of 12 deaths in the US. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has issued a statement explaining the pillows – often called ‘nests’ or ‘anti-roll’ products – can cause babies to sleep in a position that could cut off their oxygen. The products are supposed to …

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Parents Still Lose Sleep Worrying About Grown Children, Study Confirms

If you are a parent, you know that our children seem to remain our babies regardless of their age. We worry about their health, education, professional success, relationships, income, and wellbeing all the time. According to the findings of a recent study, numerous parents are still worrying and losing sleep even though their children are adults. The study conducted by Amber J. Seidel of Penn. State University …

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Experts Share How To Save A Choking Baby In Seconds!

Statistics show that every five days, a child dies from choking on food. Moreover, St. John Ambulance reports that 40% of parents have watched their own baby choke on coins, food, or toys, and 80% of them had absolutely no idea what to do in those moments. In the last ten years, 34 children ended up in the emergency room from choking on food on a daily …

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Mom Warns Parents About The Dangers Of Trampolines For Toddlers

Trampolines result in 91,750 emergency room visits per year After her toddler was severely injured, one mom is speaking out about the potential dangers of trampolines so other families can avoid a terrifying experience. Trampolines are a favorite American activity, and their popularity has skyrocketed with the invention of indoor trampoline parks. But pediatricians will be the first to tell you that hours of bouncy fun aren’t …

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Research Suggests Thirdhand Smoke Is Dangerous To Children

We’ve all heard about secondhand smoke – but have you heard about thirdhand smoke? New research now suggests it may be more dangerous to both children and adults. When it comes to smoking, we all have a choice whether or not to. We also have a choice to be around it. But how about it being stuck to us and our living spaces? That’s different and it’s …

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