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7 Ways to Use Lemon That Every Woman Should Know

Lemons are extremely healthy citrus fruits that offer countless health benefits, but not everyone knows its uses in the everyday life. Lemons are a rich source of calcium, magnesium, iron, B vitamins, phosphorus, and vitamin C (88%). This fruit detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system, cleanses the urinary tract, soothes headaches, and helps weight loss. Lemon juice is one of the most powerful natural medicines in …

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Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines

In 2015, the FDA approved a slew of flu vaccines, which isn’t uncommon as vaccines are approved each year. Doctors recommend flu vaccines, but according to a new report, those from 2015 onwards can cause a variety of problems. The main ingredient in influenza vaccines which caused quite a stir in the medical community is an adjuvant known as Squalene, which has been linked to a host …

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New Study: The More You Hug Your Kids, The More Their Brains Develop

The time spent with the family and children is an essential part of human interaction. It strengthens the bonds and leads to countless physical and health advantages. Apparently, at a biological level, it causes amazing positive changes. Oxytocin is a hormone first discovered in 1906, by Sir Henry Dale, who coined the term, and derived it from the Greek “ωκυτοκίνη” (articulated as okitokini), which means “swift birth”. …

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If You Love Bananas, Read These 10 Shocking Things. The Number 5 Is The Best

There is a well-known phrase in the world of natural medicine, which says: eating an apple a day takes the doctor away from your life, but few people know that a banana (banana, banana, banana or whatever it is called in your city) day can also keep the doctor away. The health benefits of banana come from the many vitamins and nutrients it contains. Some of the …

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Spreading Salt Around The House – Here’s Why It’s So Incredible!

Salt is considered to be one of the most versatile minerals, although most people think of it as nothing more but a white granular ingredient used to season food. However, only 6 percent of all the manufactured salt goes into food.  The truth is that there are over 14,000 different ways of using this ingredient for the making of products like paper, plastic, rubber, polyester, glass, dyes, …

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The Best Exercises For Getting Rid of That Double Chin & Neck Fat

Let`s face it! Double chin is something that everyone hates, as it lowers person`s self-esteem and makes him/her feel uncomfortable.  In many cases people wear scarves in order to hide the embarrassing double chin. Losing weight can often be helpful in diminishing the excess fat, but what about the people whose double chin is genetic and doesn’t have anything do to with excess pounds? Luckily, there are …

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