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Can’t Fall Asleep? This Homemade ”Sleepy Dust” Will Cure Insomnia Forever

Waking up in the middle of the night can be quite unpleasant and frustrating. According to scientists, about 42% of all people in the USA experience this issue. Namely, the main reason for this is undoubtedly everyday stress, since as we sleep, there is a strong biochemical reaction going on between stress hormones in the body. Fortunately, there is a simple, but really effective remedy which is extremely …

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Lower Back Pain : Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Sometimes we know instantly what causes our backs to hurt. We stayed bent over too long gardening. We tried to lift something heavy. We carried the baby for hours while she slept on our shoulder. These things are explainable, even if they hurt. Lower back pain is the number one cause of disability around the world, and of days off work and doctor visits in America. It …

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Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Prevented, Only One Exercise Per Day and Your Memory Will Be New

One of the most degenerative diseases in the world is Alzheimer’s. There is no specific population for memory loss. However, memory loss can be prevented by many alternatives such as good diet, daily exercises etc. You should actually perform mental exercises such as chess, cards, dominoes and Sudoku in order to improve your mental health. Despite these powerful techniques, you should also perform the following exercises, for …

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Oncologists Won’t Tell You That Baking Soda Treats Cancer Just Because It’ll Cut Down The Profits Of Big Pharma!

Experts prove that baking soda can defeat even the most metastasized and aggressive cancer type. Moreover, studies support this theory and add that sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is an alkaline powder which is detrimental to cancer cells. Although there are numerous stories from people worldwide who beat cancer, the doctors won’t confirm this. It’s so because the cancer industry would lose its profit if people know …

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