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Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Can Cure Cancer!

The TRUTH about the cure for cancer, hidden by doctors.

With medical advancements in every type of treatment you can think of, how come doctors are unable to agree on the right things to add to your diet to beat cancer?

It seems that medical professionals are pulled in different directions when it comes to cancer, and many doctors are simply prepared to focus on managing ‘treating’ the disease when it strikes, rather than identifying a cure.

The pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars a years from the sick, and especially cancer treatments. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are both very expensive treatments and are usually the first treatments that are offered. Would a single cure for cancer bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry?

There are many witness testimonies out there of people who beat cancer their own way. A group of these people are those that support vitamin B17 and believe that it was instrumental in helping them get rid of the disease.

Vitamin B17 is found in many natural foods such as apricot stones, peaches, plums and other stone fruits and almonds. But the vitamin itself is BANNED in the U.S.

The compound with is found in these natural foods which was identified as the cancer cure is called Amygdalin. It was found in the 1950’s to be successful for curing cancer and there are many stories that demonstrate how effective it was. The FDA however banned the substance and it has been illegal to purchase since 1980.

The success of Amygdalin was thought to be the way that it reacts once it is in the body. The intestines break down the substance which actually creates small amounts of cyanide in the body, which was believed to kill the cancer cells.

There has never been any clinical trials done on the effectiveness of Amygdalin and vitamin B17, despite the many success stories that came from the time when it was used as a treatment, but animal and lab studies have shown degrees of success for it against cancer cells, and it is also known to help relieve pain.

The FDA have backed up their banning of the substance by stating the dangers of selling a product that helps to produce cyanide in the body, obviously this can be incredibly dangerous as even a small amount of cyanide can easily kill a person. But supports of vitamin B17 state that it IS effective at killing cancer cells. The video below is one of these witness testimonies, watch it yourself and see what you think…

Source: http://itrustnaturalcures.com

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