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This Lemon Essential Oil TRICK In The Morning Will ACTIVATE Your Metabolism, Balance pH Levels And Reverse Inflammation

Most of the people believe that the consumption of lukewarm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning is beneficial for one’s health. Balancing body pH, resolving heartburn, aiding in digestion and stimulating the liver are some of the advantages of this habit.

Unfortunately, this drink has significant side effects such as dental health. Your teeth enamel is eroding by the acid in the fruit juice. The erosion becomes worse when the lemon ix missed with warm water. According to the basic chemistry, we have acceleration of the chemical reactions when heat is added. Enamel protects the dentin and is vital to one’s dental health. Sensitivity increases among with many issues once the enamel is gone.

However, there are some tricks that can minimize the damage. Rinse with filtered water right after, use a straw and brush your teeth afterwards.

A Better Way to GO – Lemon Essential Oil  

This powerful oil is made from lemon rinds, not from lemon juice. It is not acidic, this essential oil is pH neutral. 3000 lemons are needed to make 1 kg of lemon essential oil.

One can detox safer without the acid to worry. Another beneficial thing is that this oil is absorbed easier than the lemon juice.

The mixture between a glass of water and couple of drops can be extremely beneficial. It is especially effective        for respiratory issues, gallstones, acne, heartburn and also increases mental clarity and energy levels.

You should only mix this oil in a glass drink ware because plastic erode with the essential oil

The presence of 68% of d-limonene is another beneficial compound in this miracle (which is not consisted in lemon juice). This powerful antioxidant cleanses the waste and the harmful chemicals from the liver.

The latest lab tests have shown that d-limonene stops cancer growth and prevents it from spreading to both human and animals. There is no toxicity of d-limonene even in high doses.

Detox Your Body With Lemon Essential Oil

Beneficial effects of drinking water with few drops of lemon essential oil right after you wake up are the following:

– Getting rid of the excess pounds

– Colon purification

– Lymphatic system balancing

– Cell renewal

– Balance pH levels

– Reverse inflammation

Note: Make sure to use high-grade essential oil and it is labeled for consumption. Visit your doctor if some sensitivity occurs when using this oil.


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