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You’re Not Fat – You’re Bloated! These Natural Remedies Will Easily Deflate Your Belly

Many people suffer from bloating and have difficulties while digesting the food. Some people feel bloated all the time. This issue can lead to different health problems if you do not treat it immediately.

The Most Common Causes For The Appearance of Bloating

Helicobacter Pylori

This bacterium often causes stomach infections which can lead to common burping, heartburn, appetite loss, nausea, weight loss, bloating, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

High Levels of Stress

Our brain has an impeded function of the digestive system so stress can also cause bloating.

Eating Too Fast

The feeling of bloating can also be caused by eating fast. You should very slowly.


Trapped gasses will definitely lead to bloating. Intake foods rich in fiber!

Excessive Amounts of Carbs

A diet rich in sugars and carbs can cause bloating. Intake more veggies and fruits!


Drink at least 8 glasses of water in order hydrate your body and prevent bloating.

Natural Remedies That Fight Bloating

Cranberry Juice

This juice decreases the bacteria in your stomach by 14%.

Manuka Honey

The antibacterial properties of this honey destroy bacteria in the stomach.


They are usually used in the fight against this problem. Probiotics destroy this bacterium.

Red Wine

Green Tea

Extremely Effective Recipe Against Bloating

  • ½ glass of water
  • A tbsp of grated ginger
  • A bunch of parsley
  • A lemon
  • A tbsp of Aloe Vera gel
  • Cucumber


Place all the ingredients in a blender, mix well, transfer it in a glass and consume it immediately. You will feel lighter in very short period of time!

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