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8 Signs You’re Over-stressed And You Don’t Know it

Stress is the main cause of many different illnesses and medical conditions, and experts warn about its severe consequences of health. Sometimes, if its symptoms are unclear, it cannot be noticed right away and causes other side-effects. Therefore, you need to learn its signs in order to try and manage it in order to avoid future complications. These are the 8 most common signs that you are over-stressed:

1. Hair loss
According to Carolyn Jacob, the medical director and founder of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, we lose about 100 hairs daily without being aware of it. Yet, stress is the main cause of hair loss, as it alters the normal body’s physiologic functions. Three and four months after the resting phase in which the hair falls, the amount of lost hair gets bigger, and these changes are due to the over=stressed body.

   2. Mood changes
Stress affects your hormones, which is manifested by frequent mood swings. As well as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, and other mental-health issues.

3. Obsessive thinking about work
Stress often makes you concerned about your work, obligations, and finances. Yet, the best way to solve the problem is to step away and think calmly about it. Overthinking aggravates the problem and causes physical and psychological issues. Instead, enjoy the time spend with your family and friends and relax.

     4. Weight variations
Stress leads to weight variations, as it causes appetite loss, and thus weight loss, or might reduce metabolism and cause weight gain.

    5. Sleeping issues
Too much stress often causes sleeping problems, and thus feelings of tiredness and exhaustion. You need to specify the root cause of stress and try to solve it in order to get the rest your body craves for. You can try yoga, meditation, exercise, or meditation, as well as walking in nature, reading, etc.

6. Anxiety and restlessness
Stress often leads to anxiety and restlessness, which, if not treated, aggravate over time.

    7. Lack of patience
You will often feel impatient if you are under a lot of stress, as well as angry, irritated, and intolerant. To prevent arguments with the ones you love and start feeling happier, you need to find a way to deal with stress.

    8. Body pain
Stress often causes malfunction of the body, leading to pain in the body, headaches, severe arthritis, chest pain, ulcers, palpitation, tense and sore muscles, diarrhea, and stomach issues.

To improve your overall health and prevent severe health problems, start today, and eliminate all that causes stress in your life. Instead, find something you love doing and focus on positivity and peace in the everyday life.

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