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The Amazing Benefits Of Sleeping Naked: You’ll Burn Your Pajamas Once You See This

Maybe you like you keep your nightly wardrobe simple and scarce, or maybe you like to cover up from head to toe. Regardless of your current sleepwear routine, I’m here to present you with the best outfit option for the bed. Or rather, the lack thereof.

You guessed it! The good ol’ birthday suit!

Although sleeping naked tends to be taboo for its sexual and provocative connotation, it’s about much more than sex. Sleeping in the nude has many physical and emotional benefits.

6 Amazing benefits of Sleeping Naked

1. It Keeps You Young

Melatonin is a hormone that the body produces that can help you sleep. What most people don’t know is that melatonin is also extremely helpful when it comes to anti-aging. Since melatonin is better produced in colder temperatures, sleeping without the extra layers of clothes can help keep you looking young. Researchers have also found that animals with a lower average temperature throughout life tend to live longer, and they believe this may be the reason for the naked mole-rats’ longevity!

2. It’s More Comfortable

Getting rid of nighttime-wear will not only make things more simple, but you will likely find that it’s more comfortable. Especially during the sweaty summer months. Wearing pajamas in the hot summer can cause your body to overheat, which will produce sweat. Then with the A/C on full blast against your sweaty body, you’ll find yourself shivering from the cold. This can be avoided by taking pajamas completely out of the equation.

3. More Oxytocin To Go Around

If you do have a sleeping partner, this one is for you. Sleeping naked with your partner and getting skin to skin contact helps release more oxytocin into your system. Oxytocin can help decrease stress, improve your mood, lower blood pressure, and just make you that much happier! So lose the onesies and get that oxytocin pumping!

4. Reduces Risk Of Yeast Infections

Sleeping naked can help reduce the risk of yeast infections. Since yeast tends to grow in warm and moist environments, sleeping in sweaty pajamas and underwear is a big no. Taking out that birthday suit can keep your body temperature cooler, reduce sweating, and keep yeast infections at bay. 

5. Improved Testicular Health

For all you guys out there, sleeping naked is the best way to keep those swimmers in good health. Studies show that semen maintain the best quality at cooler temperatures, so keep your body temperature regulated at night by sleeping in the nude. Research has also proven that tight clothing increases temperature, so you should especially lose the boxers in bed if they’re too tight.

6. Your Confidence Will Skyrocket

There’s nothing more confidence building than becoming comfortable in your own skin. So especially if you need a little self esteem boost, try freeing your body at night! Feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep will put a fearless smile on your face in the morning. And a happier you is a more confident you!


Maybe sleeping completely naked sounds a bit unconventional to you, or maybe you’ve already been doing it for years. Either way, now you know why it’s the best way. So throw out those pajamas, (whether you decide to burn them or not is up to you) and let yourself sleep free!

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