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New Capsule Filled With Cannabis Is More Potent Than Any Known Pain Killer

The United States Department of Health has recently recognised the myriad of medicinal benefits that cannabis have to offer. This action may well have opened a Pandora’s Box which could have massive negative implications for the big pharmaceutical companies. Smaller pharmaceutical companies are beginning to move into the space that the larger companies have refused to touch and have already begun to use marijuana to create effective and ground breaking medicines of their own.

One such example of this is the exciting new development from the Foria Relief Company who have come up with a medicine to definitively treat menstrual cramps. The medicine is a based on aromatic cocoa butter and non-psychotropic cannabis which is said to be so effective that it may well replace Vicodin, Midol, and Ibuprofen as the go-to treatment for menstrual cramps which affect millions of women across the United States every month. CANNABIS-BASED MEDICINE MIGHT BE THE ANSWER TO MENSTRUAL CRAMPS The medicine works by blocking the pain receptors with THC and instead diverts nerve activity to the pleasure areas of the brain.

The result is that the muscles are relaxed, the spasms become less intense, and the inflammatory mechanisms in the body no longer cause the woman to experience pain. The treatment has already received favourable recommendations from those who have given it a try.

One woman said that it was an effective way to relieve the pain caused by menstrual cramping, and the sensation was so pleasurable that it felt as though her uterus was ‘floating in some other galaxy.’ No adverse side-effects to the drug have been reported so far.

At this current time, the medicine is only being sold in California and has not yet received a recommendation from the FDA but owing to the apparently magical qualities of the medicine, it is unlikely that it will be suppressed for very long. To be on the safe side.

However, it is advisable for anyone considering using cannabis suppositories to consult their doctor before purchasing the drug.

Source : Disclose.tv

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