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You Will Not Believe,What Is The Effect Of Putting This Cotton Right Here!

The following remedy is considered one of the most effective traditional medicines for flu, colds and other medical conditions. It is quite simple and requires little skill for its implementation and use.

cotton on the navel - life 4 fit mama

Just gets wet cotton and 50% alcohol. Apply alcohol on cotton and place it on your navel. Attach it with adhesive tape, or something else appropriate.

Ancient medicine has many benefits for our body. Relieves pain and relaxes muscles. Suppresses accumulated stress of a long day, which allows you better to relax, because the muscles are relaxed.

Experts agree on the effectiveness of this treatment and its ability to solve the most common diseases nowadays. Muscle aches, chills, flu and an inflammation of the muscles are just a few diseases that this medicine is able to cure.

It is much more efficient than traditional drugs. This method is very beneficial for children.

Protects them from exposure to various conventional drugs that could be harmful to them in the long term

This method also alleviates menstrual pain. All you have to do is to lie down and gently press with your hands.

This drug also relieves abdominal pain and even prevent you from seasickness. For this purpose it is necessary to add a little salt on cotton and place it at the navel.

Share this strategy with your acquaintances and family and help someone in need.

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