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Never Put The Toilet Paper On The Toilet Seat, After You Understand Why This Is ..

Very quickly you can be disgusted by the public toilets. Unfortunately, many of us we need to use them.

As we sit on them, always thinking about how to do a little more hygienic, but how do we know who was there before us? Often resort to using toilet paper, and we think, that thus we have a bit more secure.

The truth is, that it is not hygienic at all .

toilet seat

It is recommended not to put toilet paper or wipe with it, because the seats themselves are very cleverly designed. Everyone thinks, that they are covered with germs from previous users and that may become infected with gastrointestinal infections or even worse things, but it is not. The seats themselves have a special shape and smooth surface, which even prevents the breeding of bacteria on them. In addition, microbes can not multiply on top, but if we put toilet paper … that’s another topic.

It is common knowledge, that almost no-one put a toilet lid down after use and flushing. A result of this, all these microbes are distributed around the room and vice versa of the toilet bowl. The toilet paper is the perfect place, in which all germs gather. In this way infections can reach to you, you will touch the toilet paper, then unconsciously and your face and thus will enter more easily into your body..

The same goes to public taps and hand dryers. We all use them, and they are the source of many microorganisms. In fact, a recent survey shows, that electrical dryers are a huge disseminator of bacteria. It turns out, that electrical dryers influence the air and thereby disperse microbes and viral particles through the air. It is advisable to use a paper towel.

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