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You Probably Didn’t Know This, But You Should NOT Mix Cucumbers With Tomatoes in Your Salad.

Most people just slice up some vegetables and throw them in a bowl to prepare a salad, but some ingredients should not be mixed together. Such is the combination of cucumber and tomatoes, which are often the main ingredients in many salads. According to Ayurveda experts, these ingredients shouldn’t be mixed together as they have different digestion time, which could create problems later. Every type of food we consume has a different digestion time some are broken down quickly, while others need hours. However, combining vegetables with fast and slow digestion time is never a good idea.

In this case, the food that needs more time to pass will arrive in the intestines just as the first one is broken down, which will result in fermentation and numerous digestive problems. The usual symptoms of fermentation in the stomach are gases, bloating and discomfort. This is exactly why a combination of tomatoes and cucumbers should be avoided. When they reach the stomach and the fermentation starts, the process releases acids which could harm the stomach lining and cause many digestive problems. Here are other foods you should never mix:

Mac and cheese or meatThe popular meal of millions is something you should never eat. Macaroni contain starch that has a different digestion time from the protein found in cheese, which can result in bloating and acid reflux. The same problems can also be caused by a combination of macaroni and meat.

Fruit after mealsThis is a mistake most people make, but eating fruit right after meals is never a good idea. Fruits need quite a while to be digested, and eating them after a meal will result in fermentation that can make you bloated and may cause acid reflux as well.

Meat and cheese omeletHere’s another combination you shouldn’t try. Of course, you should add protein to your meals, but this is just too much for one meal. The excess protein can destroy the enzymes required for digestion and cause numerous digestive problems.

Vegetables and cheeseSome people enjoy this combination, but it will only cause bloating.

Melon and watermelonEveryone thinks that a combination of melon and watermelon is harmless, but these fruits are not meant to be mixed themselves or with any other fruit.

Bananas and milkThe popular combination of bananas and milk has been known to slow down digestion and may result in bloating.

Fruit and yogurt

Adding fruit to your yogurt will harm the intestinal flora and result in a host of digestive problems. This goes especially for pineapple and yogurt, as the fruit can accelerate the compounds that cause food poisoning.

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