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What Happens With Your Body after Eating Bananas with Black Spots – You Will Be Surprised

Bananas are very sweet and one of the most consumed fruits in the world. If you are a banana lover you will definitely want to read this article. Bananas are hardly resistible because of their tasty tropical flavor, but you should be very careful when buying these fruits.

Fully ripened banana generates a substance that is called Tumor Necrosis Factor also known as TNF.

This substance has the incredible ability to fight against atypical cells. When the banana is fully ripened it has dark spots on its skin. This is the right time to eat it because it may prevent many diseases and carcinogenesis. Bananas with dark spots improve the immune system and the TNF’s anti-cancer properties successfully fight cancer. This was proven by Japanese revolutionary scientific findings.

You probably know that when fruits ripen their nutrient content significantly changes. For instance, when a banana ripens the level of antioxidants significantly increases. The starch turns into simple sugars that can be easily digested.

Japanese scientists carried out an experiment by which it was proved that bananas increase the white blood cells number, improve the blood immunity and generate TNF – an anti-cancer substance. In order to increase your blood immunity, nutritionists recommend consuming one or two bananas every day.

Many nutritionists believe that bananas with dark spots on their skin are much more effective than the bananas with green skin.

According to studies TNF is highly effective in fighting the tumor cells in the body. Actually it is believed that bananas effectiveness can be compared to that of Lentinan – an immune stimulant which is administrated within the vain to fight against cancer. Therefore, the ripe banana stimulates the generation of white blood cells and stops cell mutation.

When the bananas ripe you should put them in your refrigerator and in that way you will prevent them from losing more vitamins. So, when you notice dark spots on the banana skin we recommend you to eat it immediately.

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