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She Never Stops To Emit Gases, Did You Know That This Could Be A Signal That Will Save Your Life?

Nowadays I think, that people have become more open minded from indecent behavior and style of dress, the more restrained are in the need of conduct of important health talks

I do not want to understand me wrongly, I understand that the release of gases in the atmosphere is better to remain little secret, and yet sometimes it is better to call things by their real names.

I think this is one useful information for our health, so it is important from time to time to conduct candid conversations.

pass gases

This feature is quite natural for our bodies, even necessary, it is produced by digestion of nutrients and is something like a byproduct. When regularly performing this function, reduces bloating.

Many of us often feel swollen, it’s because they do not fulfill this function, which is almost mandatory.

The other option is for swelling, water retention in the body. Release of gases is good for our health and colon. The continued detention can lead to serious health problems, including those associated with the colon.

Also this natural function of our body can warn us in advance, that we intolerance lakoza or bowel disease – usually in such problems is increasing the frequency of flatulence, and sometimes strange aches and hellish odor.

You have to pay attention to your health, it’s important!

Scientists make a number of studies and demonstrated that inhalation of exhaust gas is good for health as incredible and revolting as it sounds! The truth is that these gases has hydrogen sulphide which is useful and can protect us from many diseases.

As aroma it associated with those of “rotten egg” in large doses is toxic, but in small prevents damage to cells, preventing strokes and heart attacks.

Through this feature, we can inform you of what foods need for your intestines. Different types of foods produce different types of gas, for example if happens very rarely to you, then you need more fiber, and foods such as lentils, beans and cabbage.

Meanwhile, if you eat too much red meat, through the strong smell then, your body warns that it is better to slow down consumption.

Another truth, that may not amenable to you, but is a fact. People who lead a healthy lifestyle, emit more common gases.

This is because, the food, which are fed the bacteria manage better to absorb substances from cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, etc., which means better digestion, more produced gases.

As much as you do not want to be so, the fact is that when you pass gas, you feel relief and ease, scientists claim, that frequent release leads to increased mood.

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