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One Man Had Coconut Oil 2 Times Daily For 2 Months, Then His Brain Changed!

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the worst diseases known to mankind. It is currently still not treatable, but the story of Mary T. Newport brings promising news for any Alzheimer’s sufferers. Mary’s husband Steve was suffering from dementia 5 years prior to his Alzheimer’s diagnose. He was in a pretty bad shape – he couldn’t hold a fork or spoon in his hands, and he constantly forgot things. His parietal and frontal lobes as well as his hippocampus were atrophied and damaged, and Steve’s short-term memory was gone.

Seeing no other options for her husband, Mary began researching the alternatives and decided to change Steve’s diet.Steve was on conventional therapy, but it gave no results. He was far too skinny and depressed, and then came the tremors and limited range of motion. Mary knew that she had to act fast or Steve will be gone.

While searching for answers, she discovered that a drug called Ketasyn AC 1202 can stop Alzheimer’s after 3 months. She saw that the main ingredient in the drug was coconut oil and immediately bought a jar. She gave 2 tablespoons of the oil to Steve twice a day, and after 2 months, his tremors stopped and he started recognizing his family again. He was able to walk freely outside, and his brain function was coming back bit by bit every day.

How is coconut oil working against Alzheimer’s disease?
The brain needs food, and uses about 60% of the glucose we consume through food. However, it can’t use glucose fully due to numerous factors, which is why it needs additional fuel such as ketones, which are a byproduct of fat breakdown. Ketones can nourish neurons and relieve brain damage, which is why they are great for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Some neurons in the brain won’t absorb glucose properly due to insulin resistance, but ketones can save them. Ketones appear in the body after a time of starvation, but also when medium-chain triglycerides (like the ones in coconut oil) are exposed to oxygen. 97% of the fat we ingest contain long-chain triglyceride which consists of 18 carbons, but the brain needs medium-chain triglycerides in order to function well. Luckily, coconut oil is rich in MCTs.

Besides Alzheimer’s, coconut oil can also help you against epilepsy, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

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