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Do You Hate Mosquitoes? Burn This Out Of Your House and They Will Never Ever Bother You

If you are a lover of natural and organic products and you hate the scent of the chemicals that release traditional Mosquitoes, keep reading this article! we have to share an amazing homemade remedy, 100% natural, ecological and also … free!

For many people, coffee is the perfect way to start the day, finish a meal or help them recover after a long weekend. But while humans may tend to love the bitter taste – usually with some cream and sugar – some insects find it toxic.

How to make a mosquito repellent with the coffee eraser.

1- Accumulate the erasure of coffee that you have strained to prepare your infusions in a container covered with aluminum foil.

2- Keep this residue in a cool and dry place, free of moisture.

3- Wait until the eraser is completely dry and then place it in a flat place like a table or table, outdoors.

4- Check that children or pets do not get there.

5- Take a tin jar or metal container and place the ground coffee eraser in its dry state. Then light a fire inside the jar. You will see that the eraser will begin to burn slowly and the mosquitoes will flee in terror and holy remedy!

6- Alternatively, you can place the coffee eraser in a linear way on a board and light one of its ends with fire, the fire will burn the eraser slowly until you reach the other end.

The result will be equally beneficial. A closed container like the one described in the previous point is preferred, due to the space saving and security it provides for all household members.

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