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Check Out the Easiest Ways to Grow Tomatoes So You Never Have to Buy Them Again

Tomatoes have been discovered centuries ago, and have soon turned into one of the greatest and most versatile fruits ever. With spring on its way and produce waiting to be planted, gardeners are beginning to cross seeds off their lists. Tomato seeds or plants are certainly on everyone`s list! This is no surprising though, given that tomatoes are extremely tasty and versatile, not to even mention their health benefits.

Here Are 5 Health Benefits of Tomatoes You Probably Didn’t Know

Consuming tomatoes regularly can:

  1. Boost the immune system thanks to their vitamin C content
  2. Reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease thanks to its antioxidant lycopene
  3. Boost bone health and improve blood flow due to its vitamin K1 content
  4. Maintain healthy tissue growth and proper cell function thanks to folate
  5. Keep blood pressure levels in check and preventing cardiovascular disease thanks to its potassium content

How to Grow Tomatoes at Home So You Never Have to Buy Them Again

Most people believe that there are only two ways to grow tomatoes. You can buy seeds and grow them into seedlings or buy plants that go in the ground and thrive if the conditions are right.

5 Steps to Growing Your Own Tomatoes at Home
  1. Prep Your Planting Container for Seed Germination

First, mix 50% garden soil, 30% organic compost, 20% find sand to create your own potting mix. Take a large container, with small holes for drainage, and fill it halfway with the previously prepared mix.  Prior pouring the mix, cover the drainage holes with gravel or small stones.

  1. Slice Your Ripe Tomatoes

Take a few tomatoes from the kitchen, choosing the ones that are fully ripened.  Cut them into ¼” thick slices, without worrying about making them master chef-perfect slices.

  1. Plant Your Tomato Slices

Lay the tomato slices in the planting container. Cover them with the leftover potting mix and water them. The water should be moist, not overwatered.  Keep the container in partial shade.

  1. Transplant Your Tomato Seedlings

After about two weeks, when the seeds germinate, move the plant to an area where it receives full sun for about ten hours daily in order to keep the seedling strong.  Two weeks after, the seedlings can be transplanted into pots.  Bury the stem in the potting soil, tamp the soil surrounding the base, and water well.

  1. Let Your Tomato Plants Grow

Put the individual pots in an area where they can receive regular, fun sunlight to ensure faster growth.  It is important to maintain the soil moist as well as to fertilize it: once when translated and the second time when they begin to produce fruits.  Generally speaking, you can expect the tomato plants to mature within two or three months.

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