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My Grand Father Puts A Soap Under Sheets Every Day. The Reason? When You Know It, You Will Too!

We all want to sleep peacefully throughout the night, and after a tiring day we deserve it, but the problem is that many times we wake up at dawn without knowing why.

This time we are going to focus on giving you a solution to this unpleasant problem that ruins us the next day.


It might sound strange to put a soap under our sheet, but the reality is that it has been proven according to different studies that this can help to control the syndrome of restless legs.

For those who do not know what this syndrome is about, basically the result of not having a night of rest at 100%, which generates in our brain the impulse to move our legs to keep us awake the next day

Many of the specialists in sleep disorders consider that placing a soap under a sheet is mostly a placebo effect, but we can give you a reason why this is a completely true treatment.

The reason is that the soap being close to our feet allows the absorption of magnesium, an essential element for us to function properly, and we can have a complete rest.

We know that many of you for different factors can not manage to sleep the 8 hours necessary to function properly the next day, but if we have a complete rest with only achieving about 6 hours of sleep we can feel the differences in our body. Not only we will be in a better mood, but also our metabolism will accelerate so we can process much better food and thus continue resting peacefully day after day.

You know, do the experiment tonight and put your soap under the sheet and tell us your experience.

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