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If You Have 5 Out of These 6 Traits, You Were Born to Live Alone

Loners are actually those that are meant to lead their lives alone. Additionally, it’s their personality that makes them reclusive. These people voluntarily avoid social life. They feel so comfortable with themselves that they try to stay away from others. They love spending time alone. They want to be with their own feelings and thoughts. They seem to be their best versions when they are away from the human drama.

6 Signs You Were Born to Be a Loner:

 – You value your own time

Loners do value their own time and the time of others. That’s why they are productive, punctual, and able to manage their time wisely.

In case you are one of them, then you’re reliable and can be counted on. It makes you trustworthy and reliable. That’s why you deserve respect.

– You are self-aware

As you spend too much time on your own, you’re aware of your own mind. Furthermore, you know exactly what you like as well as what you do not like. You’re also aware of what encourages you to achieve success and what holds you back. Due to this, you’re able to stay calm in a problematic situation. This level of self-awareness means that you’re calm under difficult circumstances. You focus on finding solutions, rather than panicking or getting overwhelmed with your problem.

– You are a highly intuitive and empathic person

You’re a highly intuitive person. Your gut-feeling is very strong and you’re too sensitive to the vibes you get from others. You’re aware of your feelings, because you spend too much time thinking about and analyzing your own actions and words.

This means that you’re in control of your emotions, which, in turn, suggests that you can also feel other people’s emotions. You’re able to see the world through other people’s eyes that does make you understand their positions very well.

– You can’t stand large crowds

You hate human drama. You don’t have time for unreasonable demands and you don’t like people that are erratic, uncertain, and irrational of themselves. Being clear-headed yourself, you’re more likely to have a good rapport with other loners.

You can’t stand large crowds. This does not mean that you’re anti-social. But, you’d rather have a meaningful conversation than engaging in malicious gossip.

– You enjoy spending time alone

You do believe in the saying that ‘good fences make good neighbours’. Even though you aren’t a narcissist, you like spending time alone. So, in case somebody attempts to enter your personal boundaries without your consent, you may get uncomfortable.

What’s more, you also respect the boundaries set by other people. You don’t try to dominate or intrude into somebody else’s personal space. It does make you a good companion that others love being around.

– You love yourself

You can’t live alone if you don’t love yourself. Through a high level of self-awareness and deep thinking, you can develop a high level of acceptance for yourself. You know your strengths and your imperfections. You accept your flaws and imperfections and work on them consistently.

Once you have accepted who you are, you begin to love yourself. Also, there’re a few people you let in your life that are actually special to you and that make you complete.

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