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Google Records Everything You Say – Here Is How To Hear It, Delete It, And Prevent It

Google’s recordings can be activated just by talking – but luckily there is a way to hear them and delete them.

Reportedly, Google may have years’ worth of records of all your conversations and you can listen to them yourself. Google silently records every conversation of people who use its products.

This recording feature works as a means for enabling people to search using their voice, and by storing the recordings Google improves the quality of its language recognition tools and its performances.

However, this tool has a downside. This means that Google has recordings of all your conversations and search history.

Luckily, you can easily listen and delete all the collected information by using a special page that has stored all your information collected by Google.

Founded by Google, this company has a whole list of all your recordings. Also, it has an audio page which shows you all the places that Google keeps records of you on the internet.

This page was founded in June 2015, meaning it now has about 2 and a half years’ worth of all the things you thought you have said in private.

Even though this is a great thing if you want to remember all the various situation and places that you have been in with your phone, this is also a proof that you can never be safe and private, especially if you are an Android user which means that the recording can be activated only by saying “OK, Google.”

You can listen to all your recordings on the page, but most importantly you can delete them as well (if you want). You can do this either by selecting the recordings that you want to be deleted or selecting all of them and deleting them in one step.

Finally, if you want to stop Google from recording you in the future, be careful to not use voice search and also turn off your virtual assistant.

I hope that this information was helpful.

Source: https://thepowerofsilence.co

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