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Holistic Doctor Found Dead, Murdered in Home, Police Asking For Help

Holistic chiropractor found murdered in his own home.

Holistic therapist Dr. Clive Bridgham was found murdered in his home last Thursday, the police say they are unable to provide any more details at this time.

Both friends and patients of Dr. Bridgham’s described him as:

“a competent and caring chiropractor who treated them with respect.”

Police Chief Christopher Parella released a statement saying that Dr. Bridgham was “found murdered in his house” but no further details were released, meaning a motive or even possible suspect at this time is unknown.

Dr. Bridgham’s death comes as the 84th holistic doctor death in recent months, as people are speculating of an epidemic over these unusual and high number of deaths for holistic practitioners which seems very unusual.

Dr. Birdgham’s home was located at 160 Pleasant St, set back from the road in a suburban area said to be popular with dog walkers, not somewhere you would expect a brutal murder to take place.

Debra Jamrug, also of Pleasant St. spoke of Dr. Bridgham, as she has a closer relationship with him than most, him being her landlord.

She said:

I’m in complete shock,” “He was a very gracious landlord — very pleasant and understanding. He told me that he retired in October due to health reasons.”

Bridgham’s career had been the source of certain speculation, after he was reported to have engaged in a sexual relationship with one of his patients, a 19-year old man in 2016. Although this relationship broke the boundaries of the patient-doctor relationship, by all accounts the relationship was consensual on both sides.

Bridgham had to undergo review at the Professional Renewal Center in Kansas for engaging in sexual conduct with one of his patients in 2003 but was allowed to carry on practicing afterwards.

Since his death, Bridgham’s Facebook page has been inundated with friends and family members paying their respects to what seems like a well loved individual.

Samantha Rose Alden wrote:

“I’ll never forget the lessons he taught me while under his employment and I’ll never forget the smile every single one of his patients left the office wearing … ”

And that he was:

“one of the nicest human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting.”

Chris Jastram wrote:

“He was always a mentor … ”  “A good man who helped my soul on its journey through life … May your soul rest in peace, Dr. Clive Bridgham, till you wish to surf again the blue waters.”

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