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The Best Exercises For Getting Rid of That Double Chin & Neck Fat

Let`s face it! Double chin is something that everyone hates, as it lowers person`s self-esteem and makes him/her feel uncomfortable.  In many cases people wear scarves in order to hide the embarrassing double chin. Losing weight can often be helpful in diminishing the excess fat, but what about the people whose double chin is genetic and doesn’t have anything do to with excess pounds? Luckily, there are some exercises which can help them get rid of the double chin for good.


This exercise tones and stresses the facial muscles. It should be performed in the following way:

  1. Sit or stand up, keeping your spine straight.
  2. Take a deep breath through the nose; exhale slowly, while keeping your lips pressed together. Move your jaw as if you were chewing while breathing.
  3. In the end, open the mouth up as wide as you can. Inhale and exhale from the open mouth with an “ahh” sound. Place the tip of the tongue against the backs of the lower teeth so that
    the jaw relaxes.

Make 5-10 repetitions of each of the two steps.


The chin lift targets the muscles of the jaw, throat, and neck. Follow the steps below:

  1. Sit or stand with a straight spine.
  2. Move the head back until you are looking toward the ceiling.
  3. Contract the lips into wrinkles, as if you are about to kiss the ceiling.

When it comes to this exercise, it is important to use your lips only, and try not to include any other facial muscles. Keep the lips in puckered position for 5 seconds, then release. Make 5-10 repetitions.


Platysma is a broad sheet of muscle fibers extending from the collarbone to the angle of the jaw. Performing exercises that target this muscle keep both throat and chin firm. Adhere to the following steps:

  1. Sit or stand, keeping the spine erect.
    2. Pull the lips against the teeth, and turn the corners of the mouth downward.
    3. Open the mouth, and engage the muscles of the jaw. Keep the lips pressed against the teeth and the corners of the mouth. The tendons on the neck should stand out.
    4. Move the lower jaw up and down 5-10 times.

Make 5-10 repetitions.


Besides toning and stretching the muscles of the jaw, neck and throat, the neck roll provides a relief of shoulder tension, which in turn alleviates the shoulder and neck pain.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Again, stand or sit with an erect spine.
  2. While taking a deep breath, turn the head to one side until it touches the should
    er. Look to one side.
  3. While exhaling, roll the head downward, so that your chin is resting on the chest. Make sure you keep the spine straight and the shoulders squared.
  4. While taking a deep breath, lift the head up so that the chin touches the other shoulder. Look to the other side.

Make 5-10 repetitions of the neck roll.

Source: http://www.faithpanda.com

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