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Fidget Spinners Recalled Due to Dangerous Levels of Toxins

At the moment this toy is the most popular among kids and almost every kid has it or plays with it. But how safe is this toy really?

Do you kids play with fidget spinners? Probably they do because they are the trend now but are fidget spinners safe?

As a matter of fact, this month the TGT, i.e., Target has stopped selling both types of fidget spinners. Target did this because these fidget spinners had high lead levels. They are pulled from the shelves and are not seeling over their website.

This happened after a critical report of a consumer group generated the media headlines across America.

More About This

As a matter of fact, the US Public Research Group that makes an annual report about toys which are dangerous released data about this.

The data was about 2 fidget spinners sold at Target – the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal and the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass, saying that both toys have excessive lead levels.

Target said that these toys met all U.S. CPSC, i.e., Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines. It is like that since the fidget spinners were not classified as toys but as general use products.

The senior communications manager at Target, Jenna Rack said that although these 2 products complied with all guidelines but based on the concerns, Target decided to remove the fidget spinners from the assortment.

The Opinion of the Toxics Director of U.S. PIRG Education Fund

According to the toxics director, Kara Cook-Schulz saying that fidget spinners are not actually toys defies common sense. Kara said that the consumer group was pleased to know that these yours will no longer sell on Target.

Kara Cook-Schulz said that this a significant victory for consumers and that this hopefully means that this holiday season Target will sell only safe products.

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Source: http://deeperhealthperspectives.com

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