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Abandoned Baby-Girl Left in Thorns Unclothed Gets Rescued By Kind Man.

As one man made his way through the streets of Gujarat, India, he heard something that made him stop. An odd sound,like a cry, was coming from some nearby bushes. Curious and concerned, he went to find out what it was. What he saw made his blood run cold. Lying on the ground in the middle of the bush was a tiny baby girl. The child had been abandoned out in the cold without clothes or even a blanket to keep her covered. She was bleeding where thorns had pierced her soft skin.

The man quickly called emergency services who came and rescued the little girl from her deplorable state. They carefully pulled the thorns from her body, cleaned her up, and fed her. Miraculously, besides the injuries she sustained from the thorns, she was in stable condition and medics were confident she would make a full recovery.

Police are searching for the parents of this little girl but, unfortunately, baby abandonment is not uncommon in India and other parts of the world. Girls are seen as a burden and a curse on the family. Many families cannot afford the dowry that would be required to marry their daughter off, and boys are considered more capable of caring for their parents in their old age.

Because of this, thousands of newborn girls have been abandoned, cruelly left to die without ever knowing love or kindness. UNICEF estimates that 50 million girls have either been killed as infants or through sex-elective abortions.

These numbers are staggering and sobering, but there is hope. Organizations like Invisible Girl Project are working to shed light on these atrocities and save the innocent victims.

We can only pray that one day the stigma against girls will be gone and all lives will be seen as equally precious and valuable. Until then, we are thankful there are good people who are looking out for these helpless victims.

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