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Lemon Peel To Heal Joint Pain: Use This Recipe Before Sleeping and Wake Up Without Pain

The remedy with lemon peel to relieve joint pain is made from the combination of this ingredient with extra virgin olive oil and eucalyptus leaves.

Lemon is a citrus that has been valued since antiquity for its culinary applications, cosmetic and, above all, medicinal. Its nutrients include its high content of vitamin C, but also its antioxidant compounds, minerals and essential oils.

So far it has been shown to have the power to strengthen the immune system and support the treatment of conditions such as influenza, colds and bacterial infections. In addition, it is part of the alkaline food group and is attributed diuretic and detoxifying powers.

However, despite being so used almost everywhere in the world, most people usually lose one of the parts that have the most properties: the shell.

While this does not taste as versatile as pulp, it has been determined to have 10 times more vitamin C as well as anti-inflammatory substances that could be useful in treating joint diseases.

It is an external therapy that, in a short time, mitigates the symptoms associated with pain and inflammation of the joints.


-1 cup extra virgin olive oil (200 g)
-2 large lemons
-5 leaves of eucalyptus
-1 glass jar with lid
-Bandages clean (the necessary ones)


For the two large lemons, cut out your crust and put them inside a flask with lid. Then add the olive oil and be sure to cover them completely.

Cut into several pieces the eucalyptus leaves and add to the preparation. Cover the jar well and put it in a cool, dark place for two weeks. After the recommended time, place it with a cloth and proceed to apply it.


Dip a bandage of gauze into the remedy and place it in the painful area. Then cover the bandage with kitchen wrap and a wool scarf. Leave it on overnight for your active compounds to take effect while you sleep. Repeat at least three times a week.

Source: https://www.homeremediescorner.com

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