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This Is What White Fibers Hide Under The Banana Peel

The banana has long been an exotic fruit and is rare in high latitudes, it is exported worldwide and is widely accepted thanks to its various forms of cooking since it can be eaten raw, roasted, baked or ripe and whatever It’s delicious. This aromatic ripe fruit is rich with any dessert or sweet.

If you have ever peeled some you have possibly extracted the white fibers under its shell, they are attached to the hands and half of the fruit like cobwebs , they stand out because of the less sweet flavor than the pulp and these fibers are known under the name Phloem, it is interesting to know about them, read on.

What are the bananas that the banana contains?

Phloem is a conductive tissue of the plant, they carry the products of photosynthesis and in the case of banana, they interpret the same role of umbilical cord, quite interesting, no? Well, these white fibers are intended to supply the necessary nutrients for proper development when the fruit is in the process of growing.

The presence and size of them are not a sign of banana quality so if you consider yourself lover of it, you can eat your fibers calmly because they are completely healthy. In fact, the banana liquid provides the same useful fiber, vitamins and minerals as the pulp. So if you found it uncomfortable before, now you know that behind these “hilitos” many nutrients abound.

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