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Do You Suffer From Back Pain in the Morning? These are Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

The morning back pain is more common than is believed, it should be taken into account that the body is a machine with intelligent functioning and when providing the proper care will not go through this , however there are those who do not pay attention to them and unconsciously The body slowly decompensates resulting in symptoms and consequences.

The most common pain in people is back pain, also known as low back pain , poor posture when sitting, sleeping or poor mattresses, make the spine suffer and become ill.

How to prevent back pain?

To prevent this ailment must first of all know the symptomatology of back pain and when identifying what is generating the low back, it will be possible to find a solution to the problem, it should be ensured that the solution is always natural to avoid side effects by medications Over-the-counter. Below will list the traits that will allow you to identify why you are suffering from back pain and how to solve it.

1. Drugs: there are various products on the market with side effects that cause damage and many of them irreparable, especially for the spine, keep this in mind and try not to ingest them.

2. Poor posture: the correct position in sleep is very important because not only depends on your quality of sleep but wake up without ailments, usually face up is the best option because sleeping face down the spine has neither good posture nor rest.

3. The mattress: this is another important factor and from which you should choose well at the time of purchase, should not be so soft or so hard because they are harmful, avoid at all costs this kind of mattresses so your muscles are not tense At bedtime.

4. Smoking: When smoking, nicotine causes the tissues to decay.

5. Excess weight: when you are overweight the spine is overworked by pressure.

6. Poor posture and walking: both poor walking and bad posture significantly influence strong back pain.

What remedy is used to relieve back pain?

-Drink cold and hot water in areas of pain
-Perform exercises, 15 minutes directed to that particular area.
-Put ice and then hot compresses after 4 days.

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