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Razors Have Ingredients That Are Associated with Organ Toxicity and Alzheimer’s Disease

Nowadays the razors are very handy, but it seems that every one of them, especially women’s razors have a “moisturizing strip.” They are part of our routine for personal care, but we do not truly pay attention to their content.

We know that moisturizing is necessary for shaving, but you should look into these strips and check what they contain and be sure about the effect on your body. Here is a list of synthetic ingredients that moisturizing strips contain and you should pay close attention to it.

What is in The Razor Moisture Strip?

There are distinct ingredients in different lubricating razors. Always pay attention to the ingredients on the label. Also you can search for all the thing that you are not familiar with.

3 Common Ingredients in the Moisturizing Strips of  Popular Razor Brands:

1. Polyethylene Oxide (Polyethylene Glycol or PEG)

Manufacturers claim that it is non-toxic, but there are official warnings that say it should not be used in cosmetics. Disregarding, polyethylene glycol is used in cosmetics, even though often is contaminated with 1.4 dioxides and ethylene oxide.

You should avoid this ingredient in skincare as well as in hair removal.

2. Soy

Soy is contained in many of the moisturizing strips. You may experience itchiness and skin irritation after using a lubricated razor.

3. Aluminum Salts

Some of us avoid using deodorants with aluminum, because it clogs your lymph nodes, and primarily it affects the risk of breast cancer. But do you know that aluminum salts can be found in the razor’s lubricating strip?

Nevertheless, not all lubricating strips have the same ingredients. For that reason, always check the labels, and if there are no listed ingredients, you should search online. To make sure, you can contact the company directly or find the ingredients in the product’s patent.

The Effect of These Ingredients on Your Body:

If you are wondering about the lasting effect of these hair removal ingredients on your body, the answer depends on your own body, how often you shave and other factors.

The standard warning of these ingredients states that are not suitable for skin care usage, and you should wash thoroughly if it comes into contact with the skin.

Keep in mind that the hot water opens up the pores and allows the particles from outside to enter the bloodstream more quickly.

Previously mentioned polyethylene glycol often is contaminated with carcinogens. They may also stimulate irritation on the broken skin, that the improper shaving could lead to.

Skin’s permeability is also increased by polyethylene glycol even more than hot water, which means you take in more ingredients in your razor or shaving cream than in any other way.

Other Alternatives of Natural Hair Removal

Shaving causes skin dryness and irritation, so you need to moisturize the skin if you intent on shaving.  Read about few tips in order to keep your skin irritation-free and soft without exposing to harmful additives:


In order to sluff off the dead skin, you can use a salt scrub or a natural sugar before shaving. This will keep your razor sharper for a longer period because it won’t pick up the extra gunk.

Thus, this can help prevents the shaving’s unpleasant side effects.

Shaving Cream with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known as the best natural product, which helps to protect your skin. If you want to use a natural cream for shaving, you can prepare it easily and all you need is essential oils, coconut oil, and shea butter.

Simply, put the ingredients together in a jar and keep it in the shower. As in all skin products, you can add Vitamin E oil, that helps to nourish your skin. This shaving cream functions as a moisturizer, if you do not rinse it off, or just add more when you are done with shaving.

Furthermore, you can add other essential oils in order to produce your favorite scent.

Even though citrus oils are photosensitive and may cause skin irritation in the summer, some of them such as Juniper essential oil has specific benefits and can detox your body and improve your circulatory system.

For that reason, it is perfect for shaving, because, shaving opens up the circulatory system and it helps to absorbs everything that you put on your skin more quickly. Also, Juniper evokes feelings of peacefulness and love.

Strip-Free Razors

As mentioned before, most of the razors have moisturizing strips, but you can find a razor that is plain stainless steel without any additives. A nice start is to look for razors with double side safety.

In order to avoid moisturizing strips, you should also avoid plastic razors, because there is a chance of leaching BPA. When looking for razors, you should ignore gender marketing.

The companies make different kinds of razors and even imposed the need of men’s and women’s razors which is completely unnecessary. The razor has only one function, and that is to cut off the hairs of the body.

And there are no real differences between women’s and men’s hair. For that reason, avoid all those market tricks and find an affordable and well-made razor, the color of the package does not have any important role.

Alternatives to Shaving

You can always find an alternative to shaving. If you want to avoid the shaving process, but still to stick to the natural way of removing the hair of your body, you may consider sugaring. This particular hair removal process is similar to waxing.

If you like to try this process, just simply make a paste of lemon juice, sugar and water. Then spread it on the body hair, wait a few seconds and pull off with some reusable strip.

In this way, you are not wasting paper, and the mixture is made only with natural ingredients (depending on the quality of lemon juice and sugar).

Have you noticed whether your razor has a moisturizing strip? Are you dealing with skin irritation after shaving? You can share your comments and experiences with us.

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