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Eat More Red Onion: It Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Nose Bleeds, Protects The Heart

Some people love it, and others can’t stand it because of its smell. But despite this, it is a well-known fact that red-onions are packed with health benefits.

It is recommended that they be consumed raw since cooking them eliminates most of their beneficial properties. You can implement red onions in a number of dishes. Down below we have 7 good reasons for you to include red onions in your daily diet for their health benefits!

1.They prevent cancer cell growth

Red onion is packed with sulfur compounds that protect the overall body from ulcers and different amounts of cancer. Aside from this, red onions efficiently fight bacteria in the urinary tract.

2.They control diabetes

Raw onions stimulate insulin production which is why they’re highly recommended for diabetics.

3.They cure constipation

Onions are rich in fibers which help constipation by eliminating the toxins from our intestines.

4.They help with sore throat

Onion juice has been used for many years in treating sore throat and colds.

5.They help with nose bleeds

Smelling red onions can stop a nosebleed.

6.They protect the heart

Onions control high blood pressure and protect from coronary disease.

7.They control cholesterol levels

Raw onions have been known for controlling the cholesterol levels and lowering the bad cholesterol.

Source: http://www.organichealthyfood.org

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