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9 Things You May Be Doing Wrong To Your Body Every Day

The autopilot is sometimes turned on during the day. We don’t think about important things and we do our daily activities.

Some things need to be paid attention, you wouldn’t think much about them daily.

Some of them need to be stopped if we want to help our bodies, they are insignificant but have big effects on the daily life. I do number 7 often. I will wake up feeling much better if I change some of the things I do. A try wouldn’t hurt.

Every day, you need to pay attention to these things.

How many of the things do you do?

1. Shallow breathing – there are many ways that you can use to breathe. It is recommended that you breathe with the diaphragm or the belly, but we breathe with the chests. The endurance can be improved, the stress relieved and it can help you with lower blood pressure.

2. Too often exercising – the body can think that it’s overexerted if you exercise six days a week. If you want to slim down while you don’t overdo it, you can exercise less, maybe four days a week.

3. Wrong shoes – joint and neck can suffer if you wear bad shoes. You need to find better shoes if your doctor recommends you that. Your shoes can be easily replaced, but the joints not.

4. Too much washing – the scalp can produce oil that will make your hair greasy if you wash it too much. The skin can be dried by hot showers too. The good bacteria can be removed by too much scrubbing and the infections can be easier to harm you. You should shower for not too long and you should use shampoo a few times a week.

5. Wrong soap – the bacteria on the hands can be removed by the antibacterial soap, however, that doesn’t mean that you will be healthier. The good bacteria can be killed too. Also, the levels of the hormones can be manipulated.

6. Clothes that were washed in dirty machine – the clothes that you wear maybe aren’t very clean. The washing machine needs to be cleaned because it can have fecal materials and E. Coli too. The undergarments can bring it. The washing machine can be infected by dirty undergarments.

7. Too little or too much sleep – your brain will start to malfunction if you don’t sleep enough. You will become emotionally unstable, have problems with the memory and lose your creative abilities and also have physical problems. The lack of sleep cannot be repaired. However, the effects of too much sleep can be similar to the ones of too little sleep.

8. Too much sitting – sitting can be bad, and it’s not only the bad posture. Bad health problems can happen if you sit for too long. You should walk from time to time.

9. Removal of big food groups – the body needs different things and the removal of fats or carbs can be bad. The fats are good for the mind and the carbs energize the body. You can eat yolks in the omelets and whole grains too if you want to have healthy fats and carbs.

If you think that you are doing some of these things or you think that somethings need to be added, then maybe you can add it.

Source: http://www.naturalhealthyways.com

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