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9 Reasons Which Suggest Drinking Bottled Water is Bad for You

Most, if not all of us drink bottled water from time to time. Some do it more often than others. In fact, most Americans have gotten used to drinking bottled water on a daily basis.

Most of us believe that bottled water is a safer alternative to tap water. Some refuse to drink tap water entirely, simply because they do not like the taste.


But this distaste doesn’t have much basis. The Safe Water Drinking Act has ensured that almost all public tap water is completely safe to drink and delicious. And yet, some of us simply can’t resist the sight of a nice, cold water bottle.

But as it would appear, there are more than enough reasons to try and resist this temptation. One should seriously start considering all the health-related reasons which state it’s better if they skipped bottled water entirely.

Read on if you are curious about the dangers bottled water has to offer.

1. Leached Chemicals from Plastic Bottles

Maybe you’ve noticed by now how plastic bottles soften if left out in the sun for too long. They can even melt if the heat is strong enough. And it certainly is no coincidence that bottled water tastes a little bit like plastic.

This study proves that plastic products, in general, can end up leaching chemicals into the contents of the container. The one which is mostly to blame for this is an industrial chemical called BPA. It can act as a hormone and have an impact on the cognitive development in babies.

Sad to say, even those plastics which have been tested for BPA and have been labeled free of this chemical, have still tested positive when it comes to other hazardous compounds.

2. Chances Are It’s From the Tap Anyway

Yup, you read it right. “Thanks” to the many commercials which fool us into thinking that the water in our bottles comes from some heavenly springs filled with naturally healthy properties, we fail to realize that the reality is ‘a little bit’ different.

According to certain estimations, it would appear that as much as 25% of bottled water is just water from the tap, only sealed and sold like it’s something special.

Additionally, words such as ‘drinking water’ or ‘purified’ make us blindly believe it was taken from an oasis or something. These words are actually another way of saying tap, only fancier! The least expensive and most popular brands are usually the ones with tap water in them.

3. Tap Water Might Be Safer Than Bottled Water

And here is why. While tap water must meet plenty of criteria in order to be deemed ‘drinkable’, bottled water is not chained to those same standards. Naturally, this lack of oversight makes it a whole lot less safe than what you’d find turning on your kitchen or bathroom faucet.

Ironically, bottled water enjoys the reputation of being “pure”. Don’t trust such an illusion. The truth of the matter is, you have no clue and no way of knowing just how clean and safe it is. After all, you can’t know for sure what they did to it before it arrived in your hands.

4. No Proven Benefits Whatsoever

Like we keep on mentioning, many are misled into thinking that bottled water is safer than tap water. We cannot stress how wrong this is.

According to the NRDC, a 4-year old review on just how safe the water industry is claims it failed to find any evidence which supported the lie that bottled water is superior.

In other words, you don’t benefit from spending $3 on a designer water bottle when the water you have at home is just as, if not even more, safe!

5. The Production of Bottles Kills the Environment

If you happen to be environmentally aware, then the last thing you should be doing is buying bottled water. Even if we were to ignore the water itself (which we shouldn’t as it has consequences to our health), there is still the matter of the bottle itself.

Or, more specifically, how it’s made. The Pacific Institute informs that, due to the extremely high demand for water bottles, we use more than 17 million barrels of oil in just one year! Talk about the high percentage of non-renewable sources which, in this case, are unnecessarily used.

Talk about the high percentage of non-renewable sources which, in this case, are unnecessarily used. We need to ask ourselves a very simple, yet crucial question: Is it worth pouring our petrol resources just so we can make tons of plastic bottles?

6. Our Landfills are Filled With Water Bottles

But the production of these bottles is just the start when it comes to plaguing our planet. According to the estimations by the Water Project, there seem to be more than 2 million tons of plastic bottles which overflow out of U.S. Landfills.

The sad thing is, even though such bottles can be recycled, only about 1 in 5 makes it in the recycling bin. The rest remain lying around and contaminating our planet. Furthermore, the decomposition period of such a bottle is some staggering 450 years!

7. It’s Not Like It’s Cheap

And before you say tap water isn’t free either, it’s so much cheaper than the bottled version that it might as well be considered as such.

And either way, you spend money on your monthly water bill. Drinking tap water costs you just a tiny fraction of that bill. On the other hand, bottled water, explains Food & Water Watch, tends to cost from 89 cents to $8.26 per gallon.

Now, compare that with a gallon of tap water which only costs a penny or even less! Why pay for something you already have for free? Certainly not for any extra “health benefits”.

8. Tons of Water Are Wasted

Plastic, like most other things in this world, requires a whole lot of water to be made. Sounds rather counterproductive, doesn’t it? The amounts of water needed to produce containers for water. Much more than the bottle can hold, in fact.

According to estimations by NPR, making just one container could take up from 6 to 7 bottles of water. Why not spare everyone the effort and grab a glass of good ol’ tap water instead?

9. Tap Water is Absolutely Safe

Like we said, it has a lot of health standards to fill. Before it can be deemed safe for our taps, municipal water has to pass a lot of tests. EPA makes sure of that, and we have the Safe Drinking Water Act to thank.

Would you believe that certain cities demand that tap water is tested up to 100 times in one month? So, we think it’s time you freed yourself of any fearful thoughts and enjoyed a nice glass of tap water!

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